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I work with youth ages 11+ dealing with the following issues:

  • anxiety

  • body image and self esteem

  • conflict and anger

  • perfectionism

  • sexual assault and abuse

  • conflict with a parent

  • grief and loss

  • emotional eating

  • social struggles

  • managing transitions

  • boundaries and communication

My rate is $220/hour. 



Perhaps your parents are telling you that you've changed. They're wondering why you aren't your "normal happy self." You might be feeling super alone, and that no one quite understands how hard it is for you each and every day. It might not feel safe to tell anyone what you're really thinking or feeling. No matter what you're experiencing, I promise there is a way through. 

Though it can take time, teens who work with me

  • feel better about themselves and more confident in who they are

  • are less confused about why things feel so hard

  • are better able to manage their emotions

  • can calm themselves down when things feel overwhelming

  • can advocate for themselves and their needs


Seeing your child hurting or struggling and not knowing how to help can be a powerless feeling. My work with your teen will begin with a shared conversation about goals and concerns. Given the importance of creating a safe space for your teen to share openly, we will establish at the onset of therapy what will and will not be disclosed to parents. Because healing is often a team effort, I'm happy to provide customized coaching sessions based on the specific needs of your teen to optimize healing outside of therapy.

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